Saturday, 21 April 2007

SONG performance?

An anonymous Toronto Sun Family blog reader who is facing an "impending union environment" wants to hear from members of the Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild.

"Hi there,

"I would love to hear comments from the Toronto Sun union staffers about SONG. It wasn’t that long ago when there wasn’t a union in place to protect the staff from Quebecor. It seems even though the union is in, Quebecor has been able to have their way with the newsroom, severing staff and resources at every turn.

"Do you feel that SONG has been able to protect you or your job? Has it made the newsroom environment less toxic? Has it helped secure some extras to make it more bearable? Is it more about cutting out bullying from management?

"To an outsider, it looks like union or no union a company like Quebecor will do what they wish.

"Has the expense been worth it to you?

"Facing impending union environment."

Replies from Sun staffers and SONG can be e-mailed to TSF or posted as a comment.

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  1. Dear Musically Challenged,

    - So, you are facing an "impending union environment" – from your tone, I sense that you can’t see the point of paying into a union if you’re going to get screwed regardless. If you’re from Toronto Sun Prepress, you should seek out Murray. He’s gathering signatures towards decertification. Decertification is the most cost effective way of getting screwed.
    - Ultimately, you have a larger question to ask yourself. Do you want to work for the Toronto Sun regardless whether Prepress, (or your department,) becomes unionized or not?
    - Sun Media has a business plan that they will execute. Do you see yourself fitting into that plan? If not, maybe it’s time to think of an exit strategy. I salute all those in Editorial who made the hard decision and left a job that they loved.
    - For most in Prepress, the writing is already on the wall. Most jobs in Prepress will no longer be around in less than a year from now. The ones who remain will face change and challenges. Are you ready for the new Sun Media? When the dust settles will you be one of the remaining team players?
    - On the odd chance that you don’t think that you are getting screwed, you should question why so many good people have chosen to leave Sun Media. If you’re happy with your work environment and your manager enjoys the services that you perform under his desk, then it goes to show that, as Dr. Phill says, “There is no reality, there is only perception.”
    - Make sure you do the right thing for your situation.
    - I’m not a Toronto Sun union staffer. I can’t speak to SONG. I am part of Prepress. I’m pleasantly surprised that the TorontoSunFamily BlogSpot posted your entry. I feel that your questions deserve an honest answer. For me, I wanted an end to the secrecy and the favouritism. I wanted to know where I stood monetarily in relation to my peers. That’s why I was in favour of a union environment. Is the dues/expense worth it? Funny, I ask the same question about Federal and Provincial Income Tax.

    Try whistling while you work, ispcharles…