Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Inside sputtering?

Glenn Garnett's new Inside the Sun blog was just warming up with 10 postings to his credit when he left on vacation Friday.

"I'll be on vacation until Monday, April 30," the new editor in chief's vacation blog memo says. "In the meantime, we're looking forward to new blogs by The Scrawler, Joe Warmington, and Money Editor Linda Leatherdale. Enjoy!"

No Inside the Sun on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Where art thou, Joe and Linda?

One TSF reader wonders how many Sun readers are taking the time to read the 16 online Sun Media blogs, noting the small number of comments being posted via the much hyped

"Take a look at the online comments section on Glenn Garnett's blog, as well as all the other online Sun blog writers," says the reader. "There are only a handful of comments for the whole lot. What does this mean? Nobody is reading the blogs?"

Inside the Sun, launched April 2, has received five comments from three readers and most of the 15 other blogs have zero comments.

Leading the blog pack with comments is Tom Brodbeck's Raise a Little Hell from the Winnipeg Sun, with more than 20 comments.

Maybe blogs need to raise a little hell to motivate readers.

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