Friday, 27 April 2007

Good News 2

The Toronto Sun is expanding its seven-day home delivery service to all of the 416 area beginning Monday.

Steve Angekevski, vice-president of corporate distribution for Sun Media, said the Sun will be delivered at 6 a.m. by adult carriers.

Seven-day delivery is already available in Durham and York regions and Peel is next.

From today's Sun:

Toronto Sun publisher Kin-Man Lee said many readers have been calling for the service.

"We are responding to our readers, many who want home delivery," Lee said. "We are responding to the needs of the marketplace.

"Our intention is for people to get their paper before they go to work," Lee said. "This is also more convenient for our readers.

"Our intention has always been to phase-in delivery service," Lee said. This is part of a natural phase-in process."

TSF would have phased in it in last fall for the convenience of readers during the cold and snow of winter rather than in the spring, but full Sun home delivery has finally arrived.

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