Monday, 2 April 2007

Re Thomas Williams

In all of last week's news about the departures of Al Cairns, Valerie Gibson, Len Fortune, Mike Koreen and Mike Patton, the buyout of another Sun vet was overlooked.

Thomas Williams was an invaluable, behind-the-scenes graphics department worker for more than 20 years. Thomas and Len Fortune were part of a team that made the tabloid's award-winning graphics shine daily, from the front page to the last.

With Quebecor's restructuring, his graphics job was phased out. Fellow staffers say Thomas could have used his union privileges to bump another employee, but chose not to use that option.

The recent departures represent more than 100 years of Toronto Sun experience out the door, but not a word has been written in the Sun to thank them for their time at the tabloid.

We don't think that decision comes from Michael Burke-Gaffney, the managing editor, or Glenn Garnett, the editor-0n-chief.

Allowing veteran employees who have devoted decades of their lives to the tabloid to go quietly into the night smacks of a Quebecor edict.

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  1. Anybody who worked with Thomas knows he was one of the best.... sorry to see him pushed out...but he'll find even without the Toronto Sun there is a big and beautiful world out there.

    Hugh Wesley