Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Older goodbyes

The Toronto Sun once knew how to properly say its goodbyes to veteran employees making their exits for various reasons.

The goodbyes, sincere and warranted, were most often written by columnists for the benefit of former and current colleagues and Sun readers.

Those goodbyes for employees parting company after years or decades of dedicated, loyal service have dried up in the past year or so. It is puzzling and shows a lack of respect.

And that ain't right.

So we are going to dig up all of the published tributes we can find to show the heart the Sun had not so long ago. They will be posted as Goodbye: Trudy Eagan, Goodbye: Les Pyette etc.

Maybe we can shame Sun Media and Quebecor into honouring the departing old guard, and not so old guard, for their roles in making the tabloid a profitable newspaper.

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