Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Edmonton Sun -2

The Edmonton Sun has lost two high-profile newsroom staffers to other news organizations this week.

Doug Beazley, a veteran reporter, columnist and editor, has been hired by CanWest.

The 10-year Edmonton Sun vet has covered almost every beat in his 15 years in the media and reported from Afghanistan for a Sun Media series in December.

Word is Doug, pictured here wearing his war zone gear, will be working out of Ottawa as the editor in charge of western Canadian news.

Also parting company is Edmonton Sun Sports Editor Keith Bradford, who is moving on to the Calgary Herald to work as a copy editor on their universal rim.

Keith, a Sun staffer for almost five years, started as a general assignment reporter, was promoted to city desk and became sports editor two years ago.

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  1. Bradford, who routinely worked 60-80 hour weeks just to get his section out with no appropriate compensation or recognition, was ordered out of the building immediately, as the paper's publisher Gordon Norrie decided he was crossing the street by going to the Herald -- because Norrie is now also publisher of the Calgary Sun.

    Bradford was a very talented guy and a highly principled and effective writer and editor; and they should have gone to lengths to keep him. Instead, it was a classless act. This is why some of us are as glad as sad to no longer be working there.