Thursday, 5 April 2007

Sun a lotto source?

If Quebecor is at all interested in reconnecting with the huge number of estranged Sun readers across Ontario, go lotto on television and in the tabloids.

Capitalize on the ongoing Ontario Lottery and Gambling Corp. scandal by offering to have SUN TV host live draws for all eight ball draw games: Lotto 6/49, Super 7, PayDay, Pick 3, Pick 4, Daily Keno, Lottario and Ontario 49.

Live draws reduce the risk of rigged games and reviving them might help restore the faith of lotto fans who are wondering how deep the corruption at the OLG goes. Ball draws can be rigged and have been rigged in the United States.

Live draws are also more exciting for ticket buyers when the draws are for multi-million dollar jackpots. Families in front of the TV, with tickets in hand and hoping for lightning to strike, will have a daily connection to SUN TV.

The OLG's web site has recorded Lotto 6/49 and Super 7 draws for downloading, but not all lotto players use the Internet and recorded is recorded. Live is live.

You might ask the OLG why they no longer have live televised draws.

Sun Media newspapers across Canada could also do more for lotto players by demanding and publishing the winning numbers for major prizes that are about to expire. Publish the numbers and where the tickets were sold as a public service a month before the tickets expire.

Countless lotto players are not aware that the monster Lotto 6/49 and Super 7 jackpots are made possible by previous monster jackpots not being claimed within a year of the draws. The jackpots go unclaimed because the OLG does not aggressively search for the winners.

Hosting all of the draws live on SUN TV and publishing the numbers for unclaimed major jackpots would generate considerable attention among the millions of lottery ticket buyers.

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