Sunday, 1 April 2007

Edmonton's turn

News from the Edmonton Sun has been sparse since we launched this blog in December, but a tipster says that could change in the next five days.

The tipster says a newsroom resignation will be announced tomorrow and staff is expecting layoffs to be announced during the week.

Two other Edmonton Sun staffers, in news and sports, have already announced their departures for jobs with the Calgary Herald and CanWest in Ottawa.

The same tipster says five Winnipeg Sun staffers - two reporters, a part-time photographer and three editors - are parting company through the voluntary buyouts announced in early March. Another reporter has jumped ship to work for CP in Winnipeg.

Thank you for your e-mail.

We won't mention names until we confirm the Edmonton and Winnipeg departures. If accurate, both papers are losing some serious talent.

The thinning of the Sun troops on all fronts continues.

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  1. Fill the readers in - which names have been lost from Edmonton and Winnipeg?