Sunday, 18 January 2009

Buyout: Green

Updated 19/01/09

Sarah Green covered a lot of bases during her Sun Media years in Ottawa and Toronto, highlighted by a 1995 National Newspaper Award nomination for feature writing in Ottawa.

When Sarah earned an NNA nom, she was in excellent company. An NNA nom for editorial cartooning was the Toronto Sun's Andy Donato. She would soon move to Toronto to become a colleague of the Day Oner cartoonist.

During her years at the Toronto Sun, she wrote fashion stories, covered city hall, wrote medical stories and a variety of other assignments.

Sarah was the Sun's official reporter for Pope John Paul II's visit to Toronto in 2002 to commemorate World Youth Day, reporting from a crowd of 800,000 during the Downsview Park Mass.

She was presented to the late Pontiff for her excellence in reporting of World Youth Day and John Paul's stay in Canada.

Another favourite gig: The 2003 Rolling Stones SARS concert in Downsview Park attended by 450,o0o people.

What can we say, Sarah thrives in a crowd.

"A wonderful gal," a Toronto Sun colleague says of Sarah, one of eight veteran employees taking a buyout. She has been on maternity leave, an assignment she wants to make a full time job.

"Sarah was/is a great journalist and I have no doubt that she'll be a great mom," says former Sun graphics vet Len Fortune.

All the best, Sarah.

Buyout names to date: (1) Lew Fournier (2) Bob McConachie (3) Kaarina Leinala (4) Sheila Chidley (5) Sarah Green (6) Melinda Kryk (7) ??? (8) ???

TSF will profile more of the eight employees taking buyouts when identified.

With Sun Media's recent track record, they will probably go quietly without a word of thanks in print.

Farewell messages for any departing Sun employees should be e-mailed to TSF.

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  1. Not wanting to take anything away from Sarah Green, who is a terrific journalist and will be sadly missed, but just to set the record straight on NNAs: Sarah was one of only two Ottawa Sun staffers ever nominated for an NNA for feature writing (the other was Rob Benzie, in 1993, I think). Being one of only three nominees/finalists/honourable mentions - i.e., being named one of the three best feature writers in the country - is a great honour in itself. Unfortunately, neither of these talented writers WON the award - in Sarah's year, it went to Kirk Makin of the Globe (all winners are listed on the NNA website). Sarah's wonderful series on organ transplants did win the Canadian Nurses Association award that year.
    P.S. - That photo doesn't look like Sarah at all. You might want to double-check the source.