Saturday, 17 January 2009

Buyout: Leinala

As mentioned previously in TSF, the Toronto Sun would have had less heart in the glory days if it frowned on office relationships.

Mike Patton and Kaarina Leinala, who worked together on the rim for years, were among the employees who found love in the newsroom.

Kaarina, a Sun copy editor for more than 25 years and the last of the married duo to leave 333, is one of the eight senior staffers who have taken buyouts, sources say.

Mike worked at the Sun from 1986 until laid off in 2001, returned in 2006 and left in March of 2007 for a government job.

The ever-pleasant Kaarina, who also wrote op-ed pieces and numerous travel stories, is another copy editor who was a member of the A Team throughout the 1980s and most of the 1990s.

The tabloid's newsroom was always a balance of talented men and women, with women in key positions from Day One in November of 1971.

Kaarina was among the women who made a difference in the newsroom.

All the best, Kaarina.

Buyout names to date: (1) Lew Fournier (2) Bob McConachie (3) Kaarina Leinala (4) Sheila Chidley (5) Sarah Green (6) Melinda Kryk (7) ??? (8) ???

TSF will profile more of the eight employees taking buyouts when identified.

With Sun Media's recent track record, they will probably go quietly without a word of thanks in print.

Farewell messages for any departing Sun employees should be e-mailed to TSF.

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