Friday, 24 July 2009

109th birthday

Has the Toronto Sun ever had a 109th birthday listed in its Born On This Date feature?

If not, it missed an opportunity yesterday when John Babcock, Canada's last known World War 1 veteran, marked his 109th birthday with his wife, Dorothy, 78, at a Spokane, Washington, restaurant.

Somehow Sun editors let Babcock's birthday slip through the cracks.

There were no words or photos for Babcock's 109th in our print editions yesterday or today.

There are dozens of online stories about Babcock, from MSNBC to the Toronto Star, Seattle Post, Canadian Press, Canoe, CBC etc., but zilch in the Sun's print edition.

We could have done without another upfront, mid-summer Toronto Maple Leafs column today (Joe Warmington, Page 8). Babcock's 109th would have been more fitting for Joe and readers.

Happy 109th, John. We'll e-mail the Sun a reminder for your 110th.

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