Monday, 6 July 2009

Re Dan McGarry

Dan McGarry, a former Toronto Sun supplier who says he was often invigorated by visits to the tabloid in the 1980s and '90s. laments the loss of the good vibes in an e-mail to TSF.

He writes:

"Though not officially a member of the Sun family, I was one of the Sun's suppliers and most frequent visitors from the mid 80's to the early part of this century.

"Your blog has brought back some great memories and reminded me why the Sun was the best place in the country to work for so many years.

"I lost contact with everyone when I went back to school and then left Toronto to teach. Now I am back and have found that they have scattered to the winds.

"What a wonderful group of people you had in the Mail Room, Circulation and working the presses. I first learned of the loss of Garf Webb when I found your blog today. My most sincere condolences to Brenda. Garf was a great newspaper man and one of the best golf companions anyone could wish for.

"Mike Smith, Ron Bohas, Peter Verity, Don Laycox and the rest could tell some wonderful stories. Our times at Crooks and Betty's could stretch on forever. Their love of the place was palpable.

"Later, I got to work with the Driscoll brothers on the launch of FYI. I still have a copy of the first edition, one of the bags used to carry the paper, a hat and sweatshirt.

"The security crew before the building was expanded often had to put up with me corralling up to 400 people in that tiny 'lobby.' At one time, my young daughter insisted on wearing the Sun coveralls that I purchased from the short lived store in the expanded lobby.

"Art Roach was able to overcome my lack of skill when our foursome won the company golf tournament. Others that I met on the course included Bob Pulfer, Mike McCabe and Al Cairns.

"Whenever I was down, it was time to visit the Sun and see people working hard in a happy environment, something that always recharged me. What has happened is a shame and a terrible loss to the culture of Toronto.

"Please keep up the blog.

"Regards, Dan McGarry"

Thank you for your e-mail and memories of 333, Dan.

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