Wednesday, 8 July 2009

TorSun/24 remake

The Toronto Sun, which hasn't fully recovered from a revamping a few years ago, is being redesigned once again.

A memo forwarded to TSF says the redesigned Toronto Sun and 24 Hours will be introduced to readers on July 28.

The Sun will be smaller and you have to wonder if that means the same size as 24 Hours to provide easy exchanges of ads.

Is it the beginning of the long-rumoured merging of the paid and free newspapers? Stay tuned.

The memo from Louisa Karabellas, account manager, Toronto SUN/24hrs,

"Hi all! Just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that we are doing a REDESIGN of our Toronto SUN and 24hrs newspapers. The re-launch/redesign is set to take effect July 28th!

"You will see a brand new, more convenient look to both our papers. As a result, the specs to your ads will be changing. I will let you know the exact specs so we can create the proper ad sizes within the next few weeks! If you have any questions, just let me know! Thanks, Louisa

"On Tuesday, July 28th the new paper size will be ten (10) columns x 160 lines

* Following a thorough readership study, readers expressed significant interest in our proposed changes

* Readers identified an even greater level of engagement with the paper as a result

* Ease and consistency of product navigation is the cornerstone of the product experience improvement plans

* We continually strive to provide a refreshed and visually exciting experience ­ providing our readers with a relevant and relaxing navigational experience ­ allowing them to engage with the content and advertising messages.

* Key Design elements will include:

Sectional Navigation

Sub-Section design and treatment

Columnist & Editorial profiling

Reinforcing our authoritative voice on content important to readers

Navigation simplification

Enhanced visual experience ­ from graphics and charts to fonts and colour

Our Readers Want It. Our Advertising Partners Will Benefit From It. And We Always Deliver!"


  1. The first clue that it's a load of bollocks is liberally peppering the memo with exclamation marks!!! That makes it seem even more important and interesting!!!!!

  2. I call her EXCLAMATION girl...she needs to go back to school