Friday, 31 July 2009

Thursday bits

Thursday thoughts:

Page 2: Day 3 of the "new" Toronto Sun and Kevin Hann, city editor, is still listed as the news editor, but then still has Moira Macdonald instead of MacDonald three years later;

(Update: As of Saturday, Kevin is city editor on Page 2)

Page 3: Did the Sun get a single call about the word "shit" appearing in Michele Mandel's column? We think not. Perhaps the new Sun is a more mature Sun;

Page 7: So Sue-Ann Levy has been freed from the op-ed pages and writing tighter?

Page 10: More mid-summer Toronto Maple Leafs sports fare from Joe Warmington in the "news" pages. Why the push of sports into the news pages? Twenty pages in the pullout sports section not sufficient?

Page 16: The deep and dark Sun Comment masthead just isn't doing it for us. A little top heavy. Ditto for the deep mastheads in the other sections. A little off the top?

Page 16: Puzzled by the "A Realistic Sentence" retort re "a problem with the Youth Criminal Justice Act, not the judge." The killer was sentenced as an adult. Is that not free and clear of youth sentencing?


  1. Two things: On the youth sentence, read the stories (or the legislation). Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, a youth sentenced as an adult can still only serve seven years in custody. And she will go to a youth facility.
    As for Sue-Ann being "freed" from the Comment section, columnists have always been moved "upfront" in the paper when they're writing about breaking news or on their normal "off" days.

  2. Re youth sentencing: Thank you for enlightening us. Must have missed that in media coverage.

  3. It's like going to fast food joint: a child usually gets a single burger; but if the parent approves, the kid could get the larger happy meal; however, since the kid is still a kid, the parent will not order the mega-meal since it may be too much and too expensive for the little child to finish, and the leftover food would just get thrown out.

    In this case, the teen got the happy meal. The public is happy and the girl hasn't bit off more than she can chew.