Saturday, 11 July 2009

Buildings 4 sale

The pending sale of 333 King Street East, home of the flagship Toronto Sun since 1975, was confirmed earlier this year.

Now employees of other Sun Media newspapers feel they are about to lose their buildings.

The Brantford Expositor for one.

And the Peterborough Examiner for another.

A TSF tipster says the Examiner building "has been surveyed and photographed and there were measurements and photos being taken of the presses this week.

"Somewhere there's a kiosk with our name on it."

A kiosk probably looks good to Sun Media employees who are now working out of their houses.


  1. Apparently Brantford only uses about a quarter of the building and the rest is empty space. Even so, why sell a building you own and then end up renting another space. I assume that is what will happen if all the buildings are sold. Maybe everyone will end up working from home to save PKP even more money.

  2. "Pending sale". So we know its up for sale but not sold?

  3. Question. What is the business rationale behind a company selling off all of its assets?