Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Kin-Man Lee out

The Toronto Sun has a new publisher and it doesn't surprise us that his forte is advertising, not newsrooms.

Today's Quebecor executive shuffle moves Kin-Man Lee out of the Toronto Sun after three years as publisher and moves Michael Power (see photo) into his sixth floor office.

A Quebecor press release says Power, previously vice president of advertising sales and 24 Hours, joined the Toronto Sun in advertising 19 years ago.

Lee, with the Sun since 1989 and publisher for three years, is promoted to Sun Media's chief financial officer. He was possibly the most photographed TorSun publisher since Day One, pictured at supermarket openings and other functions.

Power joined Osprey Media in 1998 as publisher of the Belleville Intelligencer, so technically he left Sun Media after eight years and returned to the fold when Quebecor purchased Osprey in 2007.

The press release says Power was most recently senior group publisher for North Central Ontario at Osprey Media and publisher and general manager of the Barrie Examiner.

There are other troop movements in the Quebecor press release, but none that will mean much to employees in Sun Media newsrooms.

But speaking of publishers, this is the tabloid's track record since Day One in 1971:

Previous Publishers: Doug Creighton, Paul Godfrey, Hartley Steward, Jim Tighe, Mark Stevens, Doug Knight, Les Pyette, Neil Fowler, David Swail, Kin-Man Lee.

Our faves: Creighton, Steward and Pyette, print newspapermen to the core.


  1. All three publishers in the Niagara area, and why do they need three publishers, are ad people. It would be nice to have publishers that worked in more than just advertising.

  2. Kin Man Lee....I always wondered if it was a pseudonym for 'Nepotism Man Lee'..?

    Power is a strong choice for publisher! Congrats Mike!

  3. Remember when publishers used to last more than a couple of years? I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to. Creighton lasted 21 years, but since 2001, TorSun has had 6 publishers, including the newly-named Power.

    Shall we start a pool as to how long this new publisher will last? I'm in for 67 weeks.

  4. Who can name one non-ad person in the last five, even 10 years, getting a Sun publisher job?

  5. Nancy Middleton, publisher in S.Alta. was an office manager before becoming a publisher.

  6. Power to the people?

  7. More like Power hungry. Good luck with him

  8. I worked with Mike in Belleville. He's a decent guy and does care about editorial content.
    I'm not kissing anyone's ass here, I just think it's unfair to label every ad publisher as bad or questionable.

    Dave Vachon

  9. Once again Sun Media does things backwards. Where is the value in hiring a non editorial person who has no understanding of news or a newsroom. This is why newpapers are dying, because of clueless people being put in the postion of power. Then again Sun Media has never really cared about real news unless it has some cheesy spin on it.

  10. What is this obsession with putting Osprey people in positions of power? Sun Media bought them out, not the other way around.