Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Say what?

Did Toronto Mayor David Miller say the Ex would not be used as a garbage dump - as suggested in the Sun - because the CNE is a money-making tourist attraction?

So much for being mayor of all the people.

Tough love for thousands of children and adults being deprived of parks free from piles of garbage and putrid air in the Summer of '09. No money being lost there, eh Dave? How about votes?

In Europe, tens of thousands of protesters would be mad as hell by now and not taking it anymore.

Toronto residents being exploited by politicians and bullied by picketers should organize a united protest, with thousands of people taking it to the streets.


  1. Or else spoiled Torontonians could produce less garbage.
    People can't have it all ways - unrealistically low taxes, efficient public services and complete disregard for one's own impact on the process.
    Speaking of cause and effect, it amazes me that the good folk at the Toronto Sun fail to see how their simplistic black-and-white commentary - most of it childish in the form of Sue Ann Levy's and Joe Warmington's name-calling - as well as its ardent anti-union stance in a city populated by untold thousands of union workers - has an impact on its continuing decline in readership.
    Who wants to read a paper that continually insults you? Toronto's a liberal town.
    I have no problem with the Sun's rightist thinking, but it has to be intelligent and informed.
    Even my 14-year-old daughter - a newspaper reader - views the opinions of the likes of Levy and Warmington as unworthy of real debate.

  2. Torontonians can probably produce less garbage, but I invite the poster above to explain in realistic terms how they could produce no garbage, especially over a four-week period.

  3. Well, I never suggested producing no garbage. I said less garbage.
    And seeing as you asked:
    - Anyone with a yard can compost.
    - wash recyclable glass and tin cans and store them
    - bundle newspapers and store them

    You do that and you reduce your output to maybe one green garbage bag every two weeks.

  4. Composting in my nice midtown neighbourhood will just create a feast for the raccoons, and will also attract rats (of which there have been more and more around here, and believe me, this ain't no slum). The other two, I'm already doing. I still end up with two bags of trash a week. And I live in a house with no kids.