Friday, 31 July 2009

Tabloid protest

Somewhere in Ontario, there is a movement focused on attacking tabloid journalism and a particular reporter.

Several web pages are devoted to a September rally being planned, a petition, a call for a boycott of tabloid newspapers, a class action lawsuit against the reporter etc.

But nowhere that we could find is there mention of who is organizing the rally, the petition, the boycott movement, the class action lawsuit etc.

There are a lot of "we" references in the pages of heated commentary, but no individual or group is named and for us, that immediately deflates any credibility for the cause.

If you expect any media coverage of your rally et al, be up front about your identity, whether it be as an individual or a legitimate, organized group.

As is, your unattributed comments and accusations are mirroring what you accuse the reporter and tabloid journalism of doing.

As we all know, the first of the 5 Ws is Who, as in Who Are You?

We really want to know.


  1. Um, how about telling us who the reporter is then?

  2. Where might one find these web pages?

  3. We won't provide a link until we know who is spearheading the online protest and the planned rally.

  4. Not hard to find with the key words you gave us. But it;s easy to see why you don't want to give these cranks any publicity.

  5. I found the site..hilarious stuff. I'm sure the media will be all over this *rolls eyes*... maybe if it's a really slow news day.

  6. Unfortunately, it's not just the Toronto Sun but all newspapers, save The Star (but even they're on a downwards slide) that are engaging in tabloid fluff.

    It's a tough slog though in print media right now, but is the right choice in order to get eyeballs on the page to sacrifice 'real' joutnalism for the sake of sensationalism?

    It's like there are no editors any more, and certainly not fact checkers or journalists who bother to get the facts in the first place.

    Sometimes I think the news media only has themselves to blame in this downward spiral.