Thursday, 23 July 2009

Honours for Tripp

Rob Tripp, the Kingston Whig-Standard's crime writer/blogger, has found himself at the centre of an international crime story after scooping the competition.

His original story Wednesday on the arrests of three people in the bizarre deaths of three sisters and a relative in a submerged car included comments about "honour killings" as the possible motive, plus a lot of other researched detail in the case.

Today, following the press conference announcing first degree murder charges have been laid against the parents and brother of the sisters, the Globe and Mail credited the Whig-Standard with raising honour killing as a possible motive.

"The honour killing angle was strictly ours," Tripp tells TSF. "As far as I know, no other media outlet has yet located or interviewed any of the relatives of the dead woman (Rona Amir Mohammad, 50).

"I'm particularly proud of it since it was fully sourced and attributed to relatives of the victim and to a document that was sent to police two weeks ago.," Tripp told TSF.

"Incidentally, at the news conference today in Kingston, police confirmed that they have the email from a relative in France and they are at least considering the suggestion of an honour killing motive."

Tripp says more exclusive details will be in the Whig-Standard and on his blog on Friday.

TSF posted an item about Tripp in March after we discovered his popular CanCcime blog and this latest crime story will no doubt boost his profile.

Tripp, who reminds us of Max Haines in his prime, is doing the Canadian justice system justice on his blog and is certainly doing his share at the struggling Whig-Standard.

We're not sure if Tripp has a book in him, but if there was ever a case for a book project, this is it.

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