Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cronkite in T.O.

Coverage of Walter Cronkite's death in the Toronto Sun's print editions over the weekend was minimal, but then John Downing, the master story teller, no longer hangs his hat there.

Today, you have to drop by his Downing's Views blog, and his posting yesterday didn't disappoint. It is a must read for those among us who enjoy stories from the good old print media days.

Downing, in great detail, talks about Cronkite's visit to the Toronto Press Club on Richmond Street 30 years ago, the willingness of the news legend to close the club, and assorted tales.

The Day Oner's intro renews our hopes that he will write a book about his decades in the newspaper business.

"Once upon a time, when press clubs flourished and movies made kids want to be reporters, we gathered glass in hand in the wee hours and talked about our jobs. It really was the good old days before the media splintered like a stone tossed through a stained glass window and the accountants sucked the fun out of the business."

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