Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Re PKP Niagara

A TSF tipster's report on PKP's visit to Sun Media holdings in Niagara Region:

"His message in Niagara was that times are tough for newspapers.

"The company is making investments in other areas that will help the company.

"Newspapers have to deliver news 24/7.

"Times are tough.

"Convergence is a good thing. News needs to get out on all kinds of platforms.

"There will be casualties in the business.

"Canwest performed badly, Torstar's numbers will probably be bad, Quebecor is doing okay.

"(Quebecor spent) $400M on getting the 3G network (in Quebec only) and another $500M will be spent to build wireless networks.

"There will be casualties.

"Islington plant was $125M to build, there is a printing plant north of Montreal, more flyer work will be do in-house.

"There will be casualties.

"I think that's the gist of his message."

Thanks for the update.


  1. Hasn't he had enough casualties? If this keeps up who the hell is going to put the paper together? High school students for a co-op?

  2. Torstar's numbers might be bad at the dailies, but their community papers are profitable because they haven't been gutted like Sun/Osprey.

  3. PKP quote: "The company is making investments in other areas that will help the company." So it will help the company. Not the employees, or those that are left. Because I am a lady, I will not say what I really would like to say. The "casualties" are being caused, not by the economy, but by this #%$&*@ Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Lynda Azzopardi

  4. News 24/7?
    I seem to recall a Toronto Sun employee posting on here a while ago saying only one person managed the website.

    I guess he catches cat-naps in between uploads on the damn slow servers we have to ensure we have news going 24/7.

    What a joke PKP is... like post 1 said, who the hell is going to do all this because they sure as hell aren't going to pay the employees right now more to do more duties and work longer hours.