Thursday, 9 July 2009

PKP in Niagara?

TSF tipsters say PKP will be touring Sun Media holdings in Niagara Region on Monday.

The Sun Media chief will no doubt have attentive, captive audiences.

But what will his message be?

Somewhat nervous TSF tipsters will be on call for updates if he does visit.


  1. *PKP glancing around at empty desks*

    PKP: Where is everyone?

    Managing editor: "Why you fir....I am mean...they're all about working hard getting the scoops of course."

    In walks a reporter

    Managing editor: "This is Joe, he's a news reporter, sports reporter, also an editor who lays out pages and also keeps up our website."

    PKP: "Is that all he does?"

  2. PKP: "Is that all he does?"
    I laughed so hard at that one. A few minutes later though I thought about it and it hit me, PKP would really say that. He's cut back so much that there are people who pretty much do it all at his newspapers.

  3. What will the messaage be?

    2 words...


  4. He's gracing Peterborough with his presence too - no illusions about this being a social visit.
    The building's been surveyed and photographed and there were measurements and photos being taken of the presses this week.
    Somewhere there's a kiosk with our name on it...