Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Bell free?

Overheard someone say recently "I have been Bell-free for two years."

He said it with the same glee that an alcoholic or drug addict would proudly say "I have been clean and sober for two years."

After spending another 40 minutes on the phone with Bell today trying to resolve problems that began the day we signed up for high speed last November, we want to be "Bell-free."

So we ask you, TSF readers, are you Bell-free? When and how did you do it?

Bell doesn't seem to care about keeping a veteran telephone/Internet/satellite customer satisfied and if all of the Bell phone sessions weren't so aggravating, outsourced calls to India included, it would be downright comical.

Keep expecting Howie Mandel to interject during yet another lengthy phone call and say "Howie Do It." Or "you've been punked."

We grew up with Bell believing it was the only answer for telephone service, so we stayed on for Internet service and for satellite service. Blind faith?

Bell-free? Show us the way.


  1. I still use Bell and have had fewer problems than my Rogers counterparts.

  2. I think this is like any other "switch" story:

    PC vs. Mac
    Ford vs. Chrysler vs. Nissan, etc.
    Pepsi vs. Coke

    Ok that last one doesn't really work...

    Just google it. You'll find just as many folks going the other way...

    Personally, I'm with Bell, but I get an employee discount for a bundle. I can't blame them for the crap satellite choices (NCIS on History Channel - but where is AMC or TCM??). But as for internet: never had much of a problem.

    Then again, I try not to never phone anyone for anything. If you do, always ask for a "Tier 2" rep. That gets you past the screeners.

  3. They're both hell... if I wasn't stuck in those contracts, I'd break them now only they punish you with a big fee.

    Both have horrible customer relations and that's if you can find someone that speaks English well.

  4. Find a third party. Acanac, Tekksavy... they're out there with stellar customer service departments.

    I thought you guys knew how to dig for info.