Monday, 6 July 2009

Star/Globe news

CNW Group Item 1:
Globe and Mail members voted 85% today to ratify a new, five-year collective agreement with their employer. Of the 341 members who voted, 289 voted yes to accept the tentative deal worked out July 2 by the union bargaining team. Another 52 voted no.

TSF asks: Was there any doubt a strike would be avoided? The Globe and Mail hasn't had a bitter labour dispute since the ugly 1960s ITU strike.

CNW Group Item 2
CEP says Toronto Star management ignored its own values and the paper's vaunted Atkinson principles today in announcing that its classified advertising department is being outsourced to a Buffalo-based American firm. Their plan would see some 27 out of 32 unionized Star employees in Classified lose their jobs to Americans.

TSF asks: As a customer, would you prefer to deal with an American across the lake, or someone in India? But yes, it does seem odd to be outsourcing to Buffalo to cut costs.

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  1. There was plenty of doubt that a strike would be averted - nobody is happy with the deal, but you need to be realistic in this climate. The meeting wasn't a cakewalk though, there were plenty of people willing to walk out.