Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New paper Sept. 8

It's official - a new, independent free afternoon Toronto daily called t.o.night launches Sept. 8 with an initial 100,000 press run.

The first afternoon paper since the Star went mornings in the 1980s will be distributed Monday to Friday "between 3:30 and 6:30pm near subway stops and other transit touch-points in the city," says a story on blogTO, a blog that will be contributing local content.

"Unlike competitors 24 Hours and Metro, the commuter-targeted t.o.night will be filled with news, stories and sports scores that afternoon subway riders won't find in the boxes crowding busy downtown intersections," says blogTO. "And - not to be overlooked - the new daily will also come complete with a full page of local content created by blogTO.

"As far as local content, t.o.night will put more emphasis on event information, restaurant reviews and other happenings that will allow readers to plan their evenings as they look to unwind after a long day at the office."

The story also says "while backed by some investors with print industry ties, t.o.night is an independent media company and come August will be based out of a small office space in Leslieville upstairs from the Curzon bar."

Break a leg, ladies and gents. Looking forward to reading t.o.night.

And long live print.


  1. Congratulations on T.O. Night publications! All the very best on this new venture in print!

  2. Are they hiring?

  3. 1) What does "t.o. night" mean? Read quickly, it says "tonight". Is it related to T.O. publishing company? T.O. clothing company? I assume it's not related to the Toronto Star's "T-O"

    2) Where is Leslieville? No offence, but its sounds like a little one-horse town. Shouldn't they locate their office in Toronto?

    3) Located above a bar. Makes sense. Remember the plans to build a bar inside 333 King?

  4. Leslieville is in the east-end harbour area of the city. The Toronto Sun got its start above a restaurant - used more as a bar by staffers. As for t.o.night, we read it as Toronto, Ontario, tonight, or tonight in T.O.

  5. @TSF: you missed my points when I asked about Leslieville, the use of T.O. and the Sun's proposed bar.

    BTW, if you check the history books and see all of what was originally planned for 333, you will shake your head and sigh, "If only ....". But all those plans were killed during the palace coup of 92.

  6. Is this the effort of more former Sun Media staffers doing what they do best, put out newspapers?