Friday, 10 July 2009

Bruno & death

Another day, another Sun front page in the news.

Eye Weekly questions today's Toronto Sun front page layout pairing a body-found-in-car-trunk headline and a photo promo for the movie Bruno.

"Toronto Sun declares Sacha Baron Cohen dead?" asks Eye Weekly.

"The exact cause of death is unknown, though sources believe it might have had to do with a grave case of editorial/advertising departmental miscommunication," says Eye Weekly.

And yes, the murder/Bruno front page is on's Today's Front Pages showcase for international viewing. shows the original front page photo.


  1. Is this a(nother) case of Sun Media using the front page more for advertising than news, or is it a semi-wrap around?

  2. Look at the Ottawa Sun front page for July 12: Big headline "BEATEN FOR BOOZE, Woman fighting for her life after being attacked..." accompanied by a photo of three women lying on the ground in a puddle of mud. The photo, of course, has nothing to do with the headline. Coincidence or intentional?