Thursday, 2 July 2009

Photog's toolbox

The U.S.-based Society of Professional Journalists has posted a lengthy list of Internet sites guaranteed to include something of interest for photojournalists of all ages.

The SPJ's Journalist's Toolbox lists more than 170 sites, all designed to broaden the knowledge and skills of photographers worldwide, plus the work of photo agencies, photo stock services etc.

Most of the sites are American, but when it comes to the Internet and 21st century photography, there are no borders.

One Canadian site is Rob Galbraith's Digital Photography Insights. Galbraith, publisher and co-editor of the site, is a former Calgary Herald photog now freelancing in Alberta.

A most impressive site is Life Magazine's Photos of the Year.

If there is a comparable list for Canada, let us know.


  1. I've always liked this one:

  2. Speaking of photos, the entire chain messed up majorly, running the wrong photo of Cpl. Nick Bulger. Someone posted it to the bulletin board on Friday (a submitted photo I believe), Sun creates those famous PDFs and uses it on their world page for Saturday's edition.

    An email from Gord Walsh sent at 5 p.m. Saturday not to run it... yeah Gord, a little too late now.

  3. Really? The Examiner in Peterborough ran the photo huge on their front page. Can you imagine how the family must feel after seeing that? Way to go Centre of Excellence.

    This should be a topic of its own.