Sunday, 5 July 2009

Getting it right

Sun Media's centralized PDF news packaging failed miserably when a published photo said to be of Cpl. Nicholas Bulger, Canada's latest Afghanistan casualty wasn't Bulger.

Most embarrassed was the Peterborough Examiner, which used the photo of what they were told was the hometown Bulger on the front page of its Saturday print edition.

Online, a brief correction: "The picture of a soldier holding an explosive that ran on the front page of Saturday's Examiner was not Cpl. Nicholas Bulger, who was killed on Friday.

"Also Cpl. Bulger did not visit the Buckhorn community centre last year as stated in the story."

"The Examiner apologizes for the errors."

A TSF reader commented: "Speaking of photos, the entire chain messed up majorly, running the wrong photo of Cpl. Nick Bulger.

"Someone posted it to the bulletin board on Friday (a submitted photo I believe), Sun creates those famous PDFs and uses it on their world page for Saturday's edition.

"An email from Gord Walsh sent at 5 p.m. Saturday not to run it . . . yeah Gord, a little too late now."

Another TSF tipster writes: "The Examiner in Peterborough ran the photo huge on their front page. Can you imagine how the family must feel after seeing that? Way to go Centre of Excellence.

"This should be a topic of its own."

Readers won't know who screwed up, so editors at their local newspapers will take the blame.


  1. No doubt the knives are out, but who is ultimately to blame? Sun Media has a national news editor overseeing this PDF sharing fiasco. Shouldn't the buck stop at him?

  2. This error was 100% local and had nothing to do with Centres of Excellence or pdf packaging. If the Examiner had gotten it right everyone else would have also.

  3. Post No. 2 how do you know this? Because the photo is still on the bulletin board. Download and see the cutline from "QMI"...

    Doesn't it matter who messed up... it makes the entire chain look like idiots. Someone didn't double check where they got the photo and I know for a fact The Examiner wasn't 100 per cent to blame.

  4. I think poster #2 works at Peterborough This Week...

  5. Actually, poster #2 sounds like a company man working in a flawed system.

  6. Nice try, anonymous Examiner basher.
    Photo is indeed still on the BBS, and clearly marked Sun Media, QMI.
    Nothing to do with Peterborough whatsoever.