Tuesday, 21 July 2009

If at first . . .

PKP's latest project? He is campaigning for the return of an NHL team to Quebec City.

And, no doubt, he will be using a fair bit Sun Media space to spread the word, as in Monday's London Free Press story from his QMI Agency.

Shut out in his bid to buy the Montreal Canadiens, PKP remains in an NHL frame of mind.

What wonders the Sun Media chief might do for his newspapers across Canada if he was more in a news frame of mind.

Meanwhile, a TSF tipster employed by Sun Media says he, or maybe she, is now required to pay for pens and notepads used on the job.


  1. Quebec City? Really? And PKP thinks he can pull this off because? I seem to recall a far richer man failing to get a team in Hamilton. Does PKP seriously think the NHL would go back to a city that failed to keep their team in the past? Forget it.

    And does anyone else find it funny that LFP story is using a Canadian Press photo of PKP?

  2. Let it go Pierre.

  3. If PKP wonders why he didn't get the Canadiens, all he has to do is read his own quote:

    “I involved myself enormously in this matter. I don’t understand why we didn’t get it.”

    Methinks after meeting the man the NHL turned tail and fled

  4. I'm very glad PKP failed in his bid to get the Canadiens, too many things have been "going his way"!

    And the line about having to pay for pens and notepads while on the job? This IS a joke....right?! I mean, just how low can PKP go? Please, tell me this is a joke....:-(