Saturday, 4 July 2009

Prepress boost

Linda Fox, who worked for the now defunct Oshawa Times before moving to the Toronto Sun in the late 1970s, is one of many Toronto Sun Family boosters out there.

If employees from the glory days had a motto, it would probably be "never forget."

Linda hasn't forgotten a lot of the prepress people she worked with before moving on in 2001 and when she read about a prepress send off being planned, she wrote:

"Love to know when and where the composing send off will be. Some great guys there over the years . . . from cut and paste on up to computers.

"All the best to guys like Randy Miller and Andy Balfour. I have never heard much about what happened to that section of the Sun staff since I left in 2001.

"So if you guys post a date and a venue, I would love to know where and when."

We're sure Linda is not alone among current and former employees in wanting to meet and mingle with the laid off prepress/ad builder vets.

When Randy and Andy pin down a date, time and place, we'll post it here on TSF.

Do it up royally. You have earned it.

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