Monday, 6 July 2009

Hinton's new paper

The Hinton Voice, Canada's newest independent weekly newspaper, has been launched in print and online.

The print edition of the new Alberta newspaper was launched June 25 by former Sun Media employees. The online edition already boasts an impressive list of advertisers, with full online display ads via PDF.

Tyler Waugh is the editor; Jeff Pearson, reporter; Sarah Burns, sales; Robin Garreck, composing; Melynda Ewasiuk, office and sales.

The front page of the first print edition (to the right) bodes well for the future of the new weekly. The online edition needs some polishing, but it is a promising start.

Go the extra mile for readers and advertisers in the community and the dividends will be loyal readers and advertisers.

Graduating journalism students and the hundreds of unemployed newspaper people across the country should consider pooling their talents and resources to launch independent newspapers.

Show the conglomerates print media is not dead.

And let the three co-founders of the Toronto Sun - Doug Creighton, Peter Worthington and Don Hunt - be your inspiration.


  1. Congratulations Hinton! Way to go! May you continue to flourish with success on your paper.

    I too am a "castaway" due to PKP and his henchmens' tactics. I was into my 29th year with Webco London and got the boot. Am I bitter? You betcha!

    Continued success to all at The Hinton Voice!

    L. Azzopardi

  2. Congratulations to those who started the new Hinton paper and all the best. I admire your courage and faith in newspapers. Cheers!

  3. Nice job, the front page on the web of the fire performer looks sharp.

    Good luck to the new paper.

    Anyone want to start a new paper in Toronto? :)

  4. Does anyone know why Edson, east of Hinton, is now looking for a publisher? Inquiring minds wand to know.
    Is another independent in the works?

  5. The publisher who left Hinton was also the publisher in Edson, so maybe the powers that be have decided to put separate publishers in the Hinton and Edson offices instead of a combined position.

  6. "The Hinton Voice" is doing a noteworthy job presenting local news. The paper is tasteful, the editorials excellent and the photography superb. Congratulations from a happy subscriber.