Monday, 20 July 2009

Double duties

A definite trend at Sun Media is appointing one person to multiple key positions at more than one newspaper.

The latest is Tracy Weaver, who has been appointed managing editor of Kingston This Week and the Napanee Guide.

Kingston This Week says Weaver, who has been publisher of Kingston Publications, got into media more than 30 years ago as a Windsor Star copy girl.

Another Windsor Mafia associate for the records.


  1. I hardly think this is a noteworthy trend. The Guide and KTW are once-a-week community flyer wraps with reporting staffs of approximately one person apiece. They don't both need an $80,000 a year ME who will direct such a formidable arsenal of journalistic resources when not having lunch with advertisers or whatever it is an ME at such a paper does.

  2. If ever there was a market where a good weekly could destroy the daily and its co-owned weekly, it's Kingston. Just saying.