Monday, 27 July 2009

Examiner -20+

Peterborough Examiner presses were silenced on the weekend, with 20-plus layoffs in the transfer to Quebecor's printing plant in Toronto - 70 miles away.

"Roughly seven full-time press guys and 15 to 20 (I'm not sure) part-timers in the mailing room are gone," says a TSF tipster. "The paper has been printed here since the late 1800s."

This is how Examiner readers learned of the latest cutbacks at the former Osprey Media daily:

The Peterborough Examiner is now being printed in Toronto at a state-of-the-art facility owned by Quebecor Inc., The Examiner’s parent company.

The Saturday, July 25 edition of The Examiner was the last to be printed in Peterborough.

Publisher Darren Murphy acknowledged the professional, dedicated press room and mailing room employees, current and former, who played an important role over the years in getting the paper to its readers every day.

Production at the new facility will improve the overall print quality of The Examiner and allow for colour on every page, Murphy said.

Some customers might notice a small change in delivery times, he said.

TSF wonders if the changes in delivery times will be that small during the winter months or when major accidents clog the 401 or 115/35 to Peterborough.

But delays affect readers, not advertisers and we all know PKP's priorities.


  1. Two full-time graphic/pre-press people with 20 years each were also canned.

  2. When other industries are looking for ways to be more green, PKP is going in the opposite direction by sending more gas-guzzling trucks down the highway everyday.

  3. The Examiner was very unprofessional in dealing with the latest layoffs. They received phone calls not to show up for their shift on Sunday.

  4. The Examiner was very unprofessional in the way their employees were informed of the layoff. They received a phone call not to show up for their shift on Sunday.

  5. Just saw the new look Examiner last night. Very noticable difference in clarity and color. Outside of having to let people go I think this is a good move.