Friday, 31 July 2009

t.o.night hiring

This is for TSF readers who have been asking if the new t.o.night afternoon paper to be launched in September is hiring:

"To the Sun Family blog readers;

"We've been happy to read about our paper on your blog, and to see some of the excitement generated.

"As we have had some inquiries, we thought we would put the message out to former Sun employees that we are indeed hiring. We are finishing building our ad sales team, but are still looking for a few more sales associates- those with experience with either the Sun or 24.

"We'd be happy to have some former Sun employees on board for this exciting venture.

"Please send resumes to if you are interested.


John Cameron
Managing Director
t.o.night Newspaper Group Inc."

Thanks for the update, John. Do let us know if any former Sun Media people are hired.


  1. re: "We are ... looking for ... more sales associates."

    Ah, newspaper publishing at its best. "Associates"? Sounds like Home Depot.

  2. Why am I not surprised they want ad people not content people?

  3. Sounds like another example of how many things are ass backward in today's modern media. The way it works is compelling content attracts an audience. Business people become aware of the number of eyeballs on the content and then spend their dollars.