Monday, 20 April 2009

15 more jobs?

Another 15 or so Sun Media jobs in Ontario are being chopped at Tillsonburg-area newspapers, says a TSF tipster.

"All ads and newspaper composition for the Simcoe Reformer, Tillsonburg News, Delhi News-Record and Lake Shore Shopper are being moved to Woodstock," says the tipster.

That would be the Woodstock "centre of excellence."

Smalltown newspapers that have been focused on the personal needs of local readers and advertisers for years are being reduced to impersonal, storefront operations.

And that, in more ways than one, is not good news.

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  1. Another "centre of excellence" is being set up in Dresden, Ontario. Pagination of The Observer, Chatham Daily News and a variety of other southwestern Ontario Sun weeklies will be moved there. There will be seven jobs, but nine people applying so two people will lose jobs, probably in either Sarnia or Chatham.
    Since April 2007, layout of The Observer and Chatham Daily News has been done out of the Sarnia Observer's office. These paginators will be going to Dresden. The Observer's press was shut down last week with printing for Chatham and Sarnia and sundry weeklies being done at the London Free Press. (Observer pressmen were offered jobs in London). Print quality is terrible with black and white photos consistently underexposed and type at times barely legible. On Saturday, The Observer printed a classified page of The Expositor. Maybe they had to fill a hole.