Friday, 10 April 2009

Moonlight Ladies

Male Toronto Sun readers who are beyond the demographics are probably clicking their heels over the first cheeky, innovative idea at the tabloid in years.

Moonlight Ladies.

If you missed it, catch Mike Strobel's column on Thursday for the backgrounder on a suggestion from a female reader that older women be featured SUNshine Girl style. (Why is the Moonlight Lady photo in the print edition not online? The absence of key photos online is irritating.)

A regular Moonlight Lady, say Monday, Wednesday and Friday, would certainly be a refreshing break from pole dancers, aspiring models and other younger women, most photographed with dangling belly bling.

The Sun has dabbled with older women over the years, but not as a regular feature.

Is there an interest in older women? Google "mature women" and you get 15,000,000 results, although poses in 14.99 million of those sites would not be suitable in print.

Hugh Wesley, the award-winning former Toronto Sun photographer/photo editor, can provide guidelines for shooting older women. He snaps an annual fundraising calendar featuring women in a retirement home.

We've lost some favourite features in the tabloid. It is time to try something new, like the good old days.


  1. Yeah, years ago....well it would have been since it's been nine years since I was on the Sun payroll....I suggested hot SSG/SSB combos....these would have been people in shape, fit and attractive who would pose together..not in terms of promoting swinging or anything like that - just for the sake of promoting healthy fit bodies....

  2. As a former Sun staffer myself, I'd like to see a "where are they now" on former SSG/SSB. I still remember a couple from the 1980's (me included)and to see them again with the before and after pic would be nice.

    Mark Bell