Thursday, 2 April 2009

Devall & MBG

Toronto Sun TV writer Bill Harris gives CTV's exiting veteran weatherman Dave Devall a half-page sendoff on Page 52 today.

But, once again, not a word elsewhere about the departure of Michael Burke-Gaffney after 29 productive years in the Toronto Sun newsroom.

Mike retired Tuesday. His name was removed from the editorial page masthead Wednesday and a replacement hasn't been named.

But hey, maybe the Sun is preparing an Are YOU Our Next Managing Editor? promotion.


  1. There ain't going to be another Managing Editor. His duties were spread out to other managers.

  2. That or perhaps "Find The Mistake Of The Day" -- something like when Find Donato's Bird was popular. As a former Sun Media employee, it's a crying shame to see how the paper is being tortured these days.

  3. You guys (journos) are far too full of yourselves. Readers don't care about your love-in.

  4. Actually, I find many readers get very proprietary about their favourite newspapers and take an interest in who puts them out. But considering the name of the blog, what did you think the discussions would be about, college basketball?