Saturday, 11 April 2009

Sarnia's changes

The publisher of the Sarnia Observer updates readers today on recent changes to the daily newspaper and announces the paper's printing operations are moving to London.

"As a member of Sun Media, the Observer has taken advantage of many corporate synergies in recent weeks," says Daryl C. Smith. "The Observer's printing operations are moving to the London Free Press. In order to accommodate these changes, we will be making your Saturday newspaper flyer-free which will allow us to complete home delivery in the city by noon."

(Sarnia is about an hour's drive from London in favourable weather. Winter storms? Ask Quebecor how the Mirabel-Ottawa deliveries worked out in winter before the Ottawa Sun regained its press operations. )

Complaints about Sun Media's new slate of comics have been widespread, but what is Smith saying about the comics here?

"Many of our readers have commented on recent changes to our national comics page. Many of you have expressed concerns about the difficulty of our new crossword puzzle. We have taken your concerns to heart and you will be seeing some changes in the puzzle beginning soon."

Just changes to the puzzle, not the comics lineup?

The lone comment below the lengthy online story reads:

"Yet not a single word on how many people will lose their jobs. The ranks of the unemployed continue to grow."

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