Sunday, 26 April 2009

AMW & Tori

If you PVR your way through commercials you probably missed the brief Victoria "Tori" Stafford missing child alert on America's Most Wanted last night.

The brief clip, with a photo of Victoria, was wedged between commercials. Viewers were asked to call the AMW hotline if they have any information about the eight-year-old Woodstock girl, missing since April 8.

While it might disappoint family wanting more AMW air time, some of the AMW cases have been solved with information gained from similar brief clips aired during commercials.

We're sure host John Walsh wants to do more with the abduction on television, but it is that time of year for NASCAR races on Fox and AMW was preempted last week and for the next two Saturday nights.

Walsh, the father of a murdered young son, and his AMW crew deserve full credit for highlighting and updating the search for Victoria on the AMW website. They have included the surveillance video, the composite sketch and numerous other details.

It is Day 19.

Google "Victoria Tori Stafford" and you get more than 80,000 web results, more than 900 news results, almost 500 images results and 33 video results. Canadian media coast to coast have provided daily coverage and now, the abduction has received attention in the U.S.

Police are working overtime to bring Victoria home. Most print, broadcast and Internet media are doing their job in providing on-the-scene blanket coverage of this most baffling vanishing.

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