Thursday, 9 April 2009


It is been a fruitful day after signing up for Twittering.

Seven Toronto Sun Family Twitterers have sent their links: Mark Bonokoski (TorSun), Darren "Woody" McGee (Star), Rob Tripp (Whig), Kate Dubinski (LFP), Neate Sager (OttSun), William Wolfe-Wylie (?), Steve Groves (LFP).

(See our new sidebar links list.)

We also discovered CanMediaLayoffs, which is focusing on print and broadcast media layoffs across the country. The host provides a brief heading for layoffs announced, followed by links to original sources, includingTSF, which earns our immediate respect.

The Vancouver Sun's Peter McMartin wrote a column about Tweeter this week. His conclusion after two weeks of tweets at the goading of his boss: More "noise" for a noisy 21st century. He has signed off.

Our initial take on Tweeter is, much like blogging, Facebooking, MySpacing etc., there will be some gems among the many stones. It is weeding out the stones that consumes more computer time.

Taking time off away from the computer, picking up the papers and a sub and sitting by the lake to catch up on the news is what makes our day. Maybe we'll tweet that. It's under 140 characters.

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  1. Characters. 140 characters, not words.