Saturday, 4 April 2009

Columnist clout

Recommended reading this weekend is Richard Roeper's Chicago Sun-Times column today marking his 20 eventful years as a daily newspaper columnist.

Roeper talks about the clout of big city daily columnists in the glory years of print media and the many doors opened for men and women with columns.

He writes:

"I'm still writing four columns a week for the Chicago Sun-Times, every Monday through Thursday on Page 11, which has been my home for two decades. That's roughly 4,000 columns. When I started writing books and doing TV, a lot of people in the business expressed surprise that I'd keep the column. To which I'd respond, why wouldn't I?

"As I celebrate my 20th year as a daily newspaper columnist, I cherish each and every day."

We're sure the Toronto Sun's Peter Worthington, Mark Bonokoski, Mike Strobel, Michele Mandel et al feel the same way.


  1. Five first-person pronouns in two full sentences. One-sentence paragraphs. That's a columnist.

  2. Really interesting column! It makes you want those days back. Nowadays any Tom Dick or Harriot can be a columnist and we can't pay them.