Friday, 17 April 2009

Laid off, wins big

Corina Milic, one of 600 Sun Media layoff casualties in December, has won a major newspaper award for a portfolio of Sault Star assignments.

The former Star staffer has won the 2008 Hon. Edward Goff Penny Memorial Prizes for Young Canadian Journalists at newspapers under 25,000 circulation.

Corina, now freelancing in Toronto, submitted entries for her features on youth in Wawa, her experiences as an intern in Rwanda and the aftermath of a child's drowning at a local city pool.

James Bradshaw of the Globe and Mail won the Penny Award for newspapers over 25,000.

The competition is open to journalists between the ages of 20 to 25 working for Canadian Newspapers Association newspapers.

Congrats to Corina, yet another young talent lost to Sun Media cutbacks.

In January, Corina wrote a first person Toronto Star story about being laid off just when she was starting in journalism. Here's hoping this talented young journalist lands a full-time newsroom job.

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  1. This is sad all the way around... 1) cutbacks suck, but they happen everyday and we get angry at the Mothership. 2) we the workers have to share some guilt too because we demand and vote for union contracts that usually result in young stars like this being sacrificed first. I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, it's just sad all the way around that we're losing such great talent for the future when all this change is supposed to be about preparing us for a new future. Good luck Corina...