Monday, 20 April 2009

Baby Herbie +30

The feel-good story of the year in Toronto in 1979 was the life-saving operation on baby Herbie Quinones at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Those big, Brooklyn eyes melted hearts and those selfless Toronto surgeons, doing what New York doctors wouldn't, made Canadians so proud.

Baby Herbie is all grown up now and thanks to a weekend story from New York by the Toronto Star's Dale Brazao, we know how he looks and how he feels about Canada.

Brazao says Herbie, at 30, is healthy but unemployed since January, so he can't afford to fly to Toronto for Herbie Day on June 5, as proclaimed by Toronto Mayor David Miller.

Herbie Day without Herbie? Can't let that happen. If the Star, or city officials can't foot the bill for Herbie's visit, take it to the public and pass the hat for the jobless mail clerk.

First is first and, as Brazao reports, Baby Herbie was the first of more than 600 children from 88 countries to benefit from funds raised for the Herbie Fund.

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