Sunday, 12 April 2009

Twitter Tim

Columnists for the Globe and Mail and the Vancouver Sun say Twitter has jumped the shark and is beginning to fade into the sunset.

Just when we got started.

But from what we have viewed this week, there are still ample interesting tweets to read if just for a quick laugh or a video to view.

Here's what Toronto Sun cartoonist Tim Peckham has to say about Twitter:

"I love twitter! (@timpeckham)

"As a cartoonist, I first felt that Twitter was an exercise in creative writing. Each tweet I tried to make like a little cartoon. Then I got the idea to create a cartoon character and twitter as him like an actor in character. (@shrago)

"It feels the same as cartooning. I write a little joke here and there as the day goes on. But I don't have to draw anything."


  1. Jumped the shark last year.

    Facebook, MySpace and YouTube are also well-past their best-before date.

    It's like fashion. When Sears starts selling it, then it's out-of-date. Easy way to ruin a party? Have your parents and their business associates attend.

    All the cool folk have been plurking for some time now.

  2. Phht. Plurking is so five nanoseconds ago. All the real cool folk have been flurging for at least an hour now. Wait, is that my mom doing it? Damn, now I'll have to find some new ephemera to fill my time.