Thursday, 30 April 2009

Post -Mondays

The first major dent in Toronto's impressive stable of four major paid dailies is the National Post's decision to drop its Monday print edition for July, August and early September.

Grant Robertson, the Globe and Mail's media writer, says in today's story: Canwest could not say how much the move would save, but said it does not involve any layoffs.

The Post's shortened week begins June 29 and ends with Monday publishing resuming Sept. 14.

Canwest is not considering reduced publishing days for any of its other dailies, says the Globe story.

Execs at the 10-year-old Post told Robertson Monday is the paper's lowest day for readership in the summer months. Dropping nine press runs will save on ink, paper and distribution costs.

How about Post employees? Do they work less for the same money during the summer Monday hiatus?


  1. Hands up anyone who believes Post will resume Monday paper come autumn... anyone... anyone?

  2. There will be an e-edition

    TORONTO Canada's National Post, one of the country's two national newspapers, is going without its Monday print editions for nine weeks this summer in a move that will lower its newsprint costs.

    Company spokeswoman Phyllise Gelfand says the company will still publish an online edition. It won't be printed Mondays starting June 29.

    Parent company Canwest Global Communications Corp. is grappling with debt problems and is working to meet revised deadlines with creditors.

    In the U.S., the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The Christian Science Monitor have stopped daily publication in favor of online news, while dozens of others have dropped at least one publication day.

    In Canada, The Halifax Daily News shuttered its operations.

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