Wednesday, 8 April 2009

TSF's first Tweet

Confirmation today that Quebecor is actively pursuing the purchase of the Montreal Canadiens prompted TSF's first Tweet.

@enThrall tweeted this about 5 minutes ago:
Lockouts, Canada-wide cuts, the death of print and THIS? RT @calgaryherald Quebecor wants 2 buy the Montreal Canadiens

(I was a freelancer at a Quebecor-owned Alberta weekly who was told "we no longer employ freelancers" about two weeks after the managing editor was canned. All of the town's news is now reported by a 22-year-old who graduated J-school six months ago, and all pieces are edited/laid out in another town.)

Thanks for the Tweet.

The Canadiens - another toy for PKP to play with while his sliced and diced media empire is asked to cope with heavy cutbacks.

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