Thursday, 9 April 2009

OK, we're Twits

We just signed up for Twitter input, but not quite sure how we can use it for this blog.

The Twitter address is @TorontoSunFam if that is the info needed to get this into orbit.

The first person we are following is Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski, who at 9:51 p.m. Wednesday wrote: "In a Belleville motel room, with a cold pizza, and watching the Sens put the last nail in the Canadiens coffin."

Ah, the life of a big city daily columnist. Who else at the Sun is on Twitter? Wonder if PKP is into sharing his whereabouts day and night? Surely he is not in a motel room eating cold pizza.

Sun Media employees on Twitter are invited to publicize their handles here. Joe Warmington's day on Twitter would no doubt be eventful. Definitely Mike Strobel.

We can see Twitter being an asset in reporter-reader updates during breaking news stories. Brief updates from the news front etc. Exclusive insights.

Hi tech communication in the 21st century is both a novelty and a nuisance.

Blogger John Downing vents his anger over boors with cell phones in his latest Downing's Views posting. It is an insufferable - and sometimes fatal - epidemic on the streets, in vehicles, on public transit.

Bell loves 'em in the hands of chatty Cathys, but enough, already. Focus on walking, focus on driving, focus on your surroundings.

Back to Tweeting. Sitting here at 1:24 a.m. eating a banana, listening to WBZ Steve talking about newspapers. Exciting, eh?

Perhaps Tweets on the go will be as distracting as cell phone calls and texting.

Time will tell.


  1. Posted a welcome and some quickie advice for ramping up in the Twitterverse. Click on the "@TorontoSunFam" link in the right-hand column. Welcome aboard, TorSunFam.


  2. Rob Tripp is twittering all things crime and justice from Kingston, penitentiary capital of Canada: