Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tough job, but

Positive media:

If all goes well on the cabin-booking front, 10 Globe and Mail executives and writers will join several hundred other passengers in August for a 14-day Globe and Mail Mediterranean Odyssey.

A recent glossy brochure in the Globe outlined the agenda for a maximum of 400 passengers, costing $9,999 to $31,449, including air fare, food and beverages etc. The cover reads "Only 400 people in the world will be able to tell this story."

Passengers paying $14,549 to $31,449 get their own butler for the journey to Turkey, Crete, Malta, Sicily, Italy, Corsica and Monaco. (Last year, the Globe's 10-day odyssey was to the Caribbean.)

Globe hosts on board from Aug. 21 to Sept. 4: Phillip Crawley, publisher and CEO, Edward Greenspon, editor-in-chief, and writers Christie Blatchford, Ian Brown, Beppi Crosariol, Eric Reguly, Elizabeth Renzetti, Lisa Rochon, Doug Saunders and Lucy Waverman.

After months of doom and gloom coverage of the faltering economy and print media woes, what a perfectly positive adventure to rise above all of the negativity.

Bon voyage.

Doug Creighton, for one, would have floated this media-inspired cruise, joining his best writers without hesitation. Media management is much more than the bottom line.

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