Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April Foool's?

TSF readers want to know if the Toronto Sun's "April Foool's" spelling on the front page today is a typo or a weak attempt at an April 1 gag.

"Why is Fool's spelled Foool's (three 'o's) on the front of today's Sun?" asks one reader. "Surely, it's not on purpose. Another page 1 mistake on the heels of Eglington, perhaps?"

Says another: "Might want to check the cover of the Toronto Sun for another error. Last I checked, 'Fool's' only had one O."

Coming on the heels of the front page street map fiasco, we're sure Sun editors will play the April Fool's gag card rather than admit to another glaring typo.

If a typo, who is green lighting the front page these days? All of the dedicated pros we knew and respected have left the building.


  1. Wow, such sloppy editing is just tooo bad.

  2. That's what happens when staff don't have access to the water coooler...

  3. I pointed the typo out this morning too. I too couldn't think of any reason why they would use 3 o's other than it being a typo.

    I'm not surprised...

  4. Is that how they spell it in India?

  5. Are you telling me nooooooobody caught it?

    Maybe Mayor Mel was brought in as guest editor for a day?