Friday, 17 April 2009

CAJ finalists

The 2008 Canadian Association of Journalists awards finalists were announced Thursday, but don't bother scanning the list for Sun Media nominees.

Sun Media picked up awards in previous CAJ awards, but there are no finalists for 2008. Which means (a) There were Sun Media entries that did not make the finals or (b) Sun Media's withdrawal from a variety of awards, including its own Dunlop Awards, extended to the 2008 CAJs.

We're thinking (b) for the CAJs. PKP has been advising publishers to pull out of media awards.

The closest to a Sun mention is a freelancer portfolio entered by Darryl Dyck, a former Edmonton Sun photog who is a finalist in the Photojournalism category, which he won for his work in 2007. He left the Sun in May 2008 after 10 award winning years.

The 2008 winners will be announced May 23 at the CAJ Awards banquet in Vancouver.

1 comment:

  1. You can't win if you don't play.
    I am on the CAJ board and its awards committee-- I encouraged every working journalist I know, many of whom work for Sun Media, to apply. We received very few entries in certain categories were many Sun Media papers would have done well based on the noms earned for other awards programs. People obviously didn't apply.
    BTW-- the deadline (February) was before the infamous PKP/JK memo on expenses.